Why we aim to empower women with our shoes

During the latest month we have done many activities to promote the vision and mission we carry together with our shoes. We also had the chance to talk about it with an amazing chief editor, who is now also becoming a great ambassador of our shoes among the streets of Florence!

But let’s start from the beginning: the Valentina Rangoni Fashion Show. The aim of our generation of shoemakers is to enhance and protect our tradition and craftmanship while at the same time to bring innovation. With this idea in mind, we were looking for a new way of promoting the newest collections Valentina has designed, and to also promote an idea of inclusiveness for all the women out there. That’s how the fashion show was born: a fun, colorful event where real women could walk feeling free, confident, and of course comfortable! But where to find those models for a day? The answer was fast: our girlfriends! We started calling friends and our mom and her friends! We quickly gathered a pool of enthusiast strong women with different ages, from a 15 year old high school student to a 75 years old grandmother! We picked colorful dress and our new shoes and tried to find the right combination that fitted each women’s personality and needs.

the end of the runway

Somebody wanted more comfy clothes and low heel shoes, others were looking for something bolder and stronger which could match their personality. The whole process was a lot of fun, as you will see from the pictures below! We invited friends, family, and professionals from the fashion world to our countryside Villa on the Tuscan hills and made a super fun catwalk. The show was a success as we were able to celebrate and dress the realness and unicity of women, not trying to cover or homologate them to a standardized image, but to enhance their uniqueness.


That is also the idea behind the Spring Summer collection: to show the different facets each woman can have and trying to accompany her with our shoes during each step of the way. Below you can also find the link to see the full show!

watch the full show

The other exciting news is that we are on the editorial article of The Florentine, a magazine born in 2005, with the mission serving the English-speaking community of Florence. The magazine acts as a bridge for Florence lovers wherever they are in the world, while staying true to their original ethos. Helen Farrel, editor in chief, had the chance to participate to our fashion show, and to try our shoes on! From there she got interested in our story, almost a century long, and in our dream to shape the fashion industry, making it more inclusive for real women. We don’t want to tell you more about it, you can click here or on the link below to read the full article about the Rangoni sisters!!!

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