The American dream, that we watch in movies and read in books and the Italian Dolce Vita of the Fellini’s films and the economic boom are the past, present and future of our historic brand Amalfi by Rangoni.

Our grandfather, a real Florentine, was among the first Italians to dream of America: after his first successes as a footwear entrepreneur, he decided to create a line of made in Italy shoes that recalled Italy and its beauty, its scents and colours. Thus, was born Amalfi by Rangoni: a line of elegant and sophisticated women’s shoes made and designed by a Florentine, but which recalled those unforgettable vacation places like the Amalfi coast that every American dreamed of after the war. And from there our dream was also born, which has never stopped, and which has always remained enclosed and kept in every Rangoni shoe box.

Italian Women’s Shoes Between History, Modernity & Dive of the Past

Amalfi by Rangoni women’s shoes represent the dream of a timeless, elegant and sophisticated style. This collection takes inspiration from its long history, from the historical models that have been produced, worn and tested over the years. Amalfi women’s shoes combine traditional attention to detail and impeccable wearability with new technologies introduced in the world of women’s footwear. We are in fact always looking for innovative, soft and performing materials and leathers to create a made in Italy shoe that contains both that elegance that has always belonged to us and technology, allowing our customers to wear a pump all day without any effort or  suffering. Our history makes us proud. In fact, our shoes have dressed the feet of many wonderful women over the years, even those of the women who have made our history such as the Great Queen Mother of United Kingdom and the immortal Hollywood Diva Grace Kelly.

Comfort, style and fit

Wearing a pump all day, going to work and walking painlessly with our shoes has always been a reality. Since 1950, the Amalfi by Rangoni collection has been designed with the aim of fitting perfectly while providing maximum comfort. For this reason, Rangoni remains among the few manufacturers of Italian women’s shoes in widths: our artisans not only develop the shoes in length but also in width. We thus offer not only half sizes but above all for each size we produce up to four different fits, depending on the width of the customer’s foot. For example, if a lady has a narrow feet, we can offer her a 38A pump, which indicates a fit suitable for a narrower foot, while for a client with a shorter and wider foot we can offer a 38C pump, where C indicates a wider and less enveloping fit. To give even more comfort and wearability, we have also introduced the Pillow Feel® system which, thanks to a mix of materials such as foam, memory foam and leather, creates a very soft insole, able to adapt to the foot and that cushions every step.

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Amalfi women's shoes by Rangoni
represent the dream of a timeless style,
elegant and sophisticated, attentive to details.