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Amalfi women's sneakers by Rangoni

Sneakers have been in the spotlight of fashion for many years, and it’s here to stay for many to come. Daddy’s sneakers, slip-ons and ugly sneakers, in every way they are now the protagonists of almost all catwalks and, thanks to the perfect mix of comfort and style, they match every look. Rangoni women's sneakers embody the dynamism of the modern women through an futuristic appeal and glamorous and feminine details, without sacrificing comfort.

Colored textures and sophisticated accessories embellish the ergonomic design of our Rangoni sneakers, for a sporty-chic look that can leave its mark. No longer only reserved for sports, women's sneakers are now the favorite footwear piece of celebrities, influencers and anyone who loves to be fashionable without sacrificing comfort. So versatile that they can be worn both in free time and in the office, they are now an indispensable complement in the wardrobe of any season.