What makes our brand different and special?
We believe it is our passion, our distinctive technical and aesthetic expertise and our love for shoes. Our history and great tradition in the world of women's footwear leads us to create unique and extremely comfortable handmade shoes.
Buying shoes online on our E-Atelier will make you enter a unique world where every woman is her own hero.

A history of quality Italian shoes with roots in the past

When we work on a new collection, we always take a dip in the past, to the historical archive of models, shapes, colours and leathers that we have kept with great care and love since 1934. We talk to Alessandro, our most experienced artisan, who started working in the Rangoni shoe factory at 15-year-old and who still remembers today the incredible creativity and strength of our grandfather Ugo. And we talk with our father, who keeps within himself all the traditions and the stories of  a family which has always been dedicated to the creation of beautiful shoes. There are very few realities like ours, we are a rare pearl and for this reason we strive every day to carry on the Florentine footwear tradition and to be ambassadors of truly made in Italy shoes in the world. We have always designed comfortable women's shoes made to last over time. We want you to wear your shoes all day, every day, season after season. Each pair is handmade in Italy using centuries-old techniques handed down by the generations of our highly skilled shoemakers.


We believe that quality comes before quantity. Using the best natural Italian leathers and selecting the best materials that have always been used in the traditional and internal production process, we guarantee an Italian shoe to wear thousands of times.


Never forgetting that "shoes are made for walking". They are the most complex part of clothing, which must fit perfectly and support a woman's posture and health. For this reason, for more than 80 years we have been testing each model carefully, doing dozens of tests for each model and wearing the shoes ourselves. The practicality of a shoe is as important as its design.


Modern shoes with a recognizable style. Finding inspiration in the classics and historical models we make our interpretation to create contemporary models. Every detail is designed to make them distinctive and unique.


We are among the few brands in the world with our own production center, a unique advantage that gives us the ability to control the entire production chain and avoid waste. We produce “at kilometer 0”, having design and production in the same building.

A mission between innovation and tradition

Our mission is therefore to offer the inspiration and quality of truly Made in Italy shoes at fair and affordable prices, but always reaching high quality levels. This is why we have created our Atelier, to carry out direct sales to those looking for a beautiful and quality Italian shoe, without intermediaries. And to have direct contact with our customers, with their thoughts and needs.
We work for women who are looking for a trendy but also timeless style and who value the tradition linked to real Italian shoes, to the know-how passed down by three generations of Florentines. Our small office is located on the hills of the Florentine countryside and in front of the Arno: from there our family, thanks to the skills of our small group of artisans designs, creates and produce Italian women's shoes capable of lasting over time, because they are made with that Italian passion and knowledge that we have had and handed down since 1934. We believe that the real made in Italy can be accessible to everyone. This e-Atelier allows us to cut all the unnecessary steps in the middle, connecting us to all the women who are looking for true Italian shoes without compromise.

Conscious production, proximity,
complete control of the supply chain

After more than 80 years of experience we have gained a great awareness of the production and waste of materials, orienting ourselves towards an ever-clearer goal: to slow down the cycle of fashion, celebrate craftsmanship and invest in ethical production practices. We are among the few brands in the world with our own production center, a unique advantage that gives us the ability to control the entire production chain and avoid waste. In this way we are among the few brands that produce “kilometer 0”, having design and production in the same building and reaching all suppliers within a few kilometers of the Florentine territory. Our mission has remained unchanged since 1934: investing in Italian shoes that last, footwear with a modern style but without excess, so that a Rangoni women's shoe can last over time.

and craftsmanship

Our story began three generations ago, when our grandfather Ugo Rangoni,
young representative of leather and women's shoes,
he decided to set up his own business and took over a shoe factory in 1934.