Valentina Rangoni is the online Italian shoe collection born from the third generation. We are Valentina and Carolina, Florentine sisters in their twenties full of creativity and passion, with a lot of history behind them that we try to honour and exploit. Our brand was born to create a meeting point between the Florentine craftsmanship that has always characterized us, and the modernity given by our young age.

Our collection is made up of romantic women's shoes, always characterized by a careful choice of Italian leathers and whimsical high quality materials. We combine the almost century-old footwear tradition of our family with our young, creative and international soul to create unique made in Italy footwear.

Italian Shoes Online for independent strong women

Our women are strong, independent, feminine: they dress to please themselves first, to always feel at ease in their skin and “in their shoes”. We believe that Valentina Rangoni shoes contain elements that are difficult to find together: style and refinement with comfort and wearability. Our brand is also for us a mission of female and youth emancipation, as we believe that only a woman can really put herself "in the shoes" of another woman: this is why we design women's shoes that we would like to wear first to face life every day, always feeling our best. Furthermore, as young designers and entrepreneurs we want to fight the stereotypes and the strong male hegemony that we first encountered within the Italian and international footwear industry. We want to give more voice to the women of the sector, to their creativity and their needs.

Women's shoes with a strong and modern style

Valentina Rangoni shoes are created to dress the feet of modern and cosmopolitan women, who follow new trends but are also aware that a shoe first of all means quality, comfort and durability. We offer contemporary, fun and sexy collections, but always with the aim of creating unique and wearable pieces over time and for seasons to come. In fact, Valentina women's shoes reinterpret fashion with taste and femininity and with the artisan vision that distinguishes us, so as to never be exaggerated but to represent the right balance between style, flair, and quality that only a luxury handmade shoe can give. Our women are strong, decisive and have a busy life: they look for shoes that represent and support them in all the challenges they will have to face, season after season.

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Valentina Rangoni shoes are created for
dress the feet of modern and cosmopolitan women