Carolina and Valentina have decided to create their Atelier: a concept that combines quality, craftsmanship, fashion and technology.
The e-atelier finally allows you to present the women's shoes online of the Rangoni brands so that they can reach you too!

Creating a woman’s shoe is like a work of art, but it's not like creating a piece that ends up in a museum or on top of a piece of furniture.
It is a work of art that has a very specific use and function: to be at the feet of a person who appreciates it, buys it and is happy to have it and to walk in it. The combination of design and comfort is a key factor that determines everything we do.

Shoes made by women for women, finally online

This is the vision of Atelier Rangoni Firenze: to dress the feet of all the independent, strong but at the same time feminine women that are out there! We Rangoni sisters are feminists and young female entrepreneurs with a great conviction: that every woman when dressing up must please herself first of all! This is why we have decided to continue to create handcrafted women's shoes that are comfortable, beautiful and feminine at the same time.
To bring our message and our beautiful handcrafted shoes to all women, we decided to embark on this new digital adventure and to create the Atelier Rangoni Firenze e-shop for online shoe sales.

Our shoe collections for sale online, our two souls: Amalfi by Rangoni and Valentina Rangoni

On our e-Atelier you can discover our two brands, Amalfi by Rangoni and Valentina Rangoni. Amalfi by Rangoni is the historical brand of the first generation, famous in the USA since 1950: comfortable, elegant and timeless women's shoes characterized by an unparalleled fitting.
Valentina Rangoni is instead the fruit of the third generation: a fresh, feminine and cosmopolitan brand that always aims to offer handcrafted shoes of the highest quality and always extremely comfortable to face any event of the day.


A Made in Italy shoe is a shoe with an edge. Rangoni follows an almost secular creative and productive tradition of women's footwear [ ... ]



When we work on a new collection, we always take a dip in the past, to the historical archive of models, shapes, colors and leathers that we have been keeping with great care and love since 1934.


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