What to do on Valentine's Day

How to spend Valentine's Day

Here we are, we are at the gates of the most loved and hated celebration of the year, the one that is ignored by many singles (and couples too!) and which on the other side is celebrated by some with enthusiasm and passion! In this context, where do we Rangoni Sisters place ourselves? Carolina is quite skeptical about it, also because she has spent most of her Valentine's Day alone or abroad! Valentina, our creative mind, is more romantic: she likes to think of some cute and original ideas to show that she thinks about her sweet half of her! And then, it's the holiday named after her name! How could she not like it? But no more chatter let's talk about the terrible question: how to spend Valentine's Day? How to dress? What to do? We don't have a crystal ball, but we decided to put down some ideas, from activities to do at home to a trip out of town! Of course, selecting the most suitable shoes for each activity. Enjoy the reading!

AT HOME - even if you don't have time or budget, you can spend an unforgettable evening at home!

Cooking a Super Dinner Together There is nothing that unites more than creating something together, even more if it is something tasty! You could buy the ingredients you like best and then make all the preparations together! Decorate your home in a romantic way and dress up in a gallant way using candles, petals and lots of taste! Key Items: romantic dress in shades of pink and red and a pair of sexy and elegant pumps that amaze him

cooking dinner together

Organize a treasure hunt to get your him / her find a Valentine's Day gift! You could use games related to your tastes, your experiences together and your memories to have fun together! Songs to guess, drawings of the places where you have been together, your first trip ... the places in the heart of your city ... Key Items: a more casual and fun look, like jeans or dungarees and lower heel shoes to play freely, like an ankle boot.

Transform the living room into a cinema and have a fun Movie Night (even with your friends!) How about a marathon of your favorite films in a super cozy and romantic atmosphere? If you have a projector, you can use a wall to recreate the cinema effect, put a soft blanket and make homemade popcorn for fun, even with friends! Key items: a silk pajama or a cashmere jumpsuit and our beautiful home shoes!

movie night at home

OUTDOOR TRIP if you have the time and budget, why not take a day or two off?

Slow weekend between villages and small towns If you are looking for romantic and unusual places, small villages and artistic towns are ideal for spending a pleasant day with your loved one, discovering little jewels! Throughout our beautiful country or even in other cities around the world. Going for walks, going to an art exhibition in the nearby city, taking some time together is what you need! Key Items: sneakers for walking freely and sports clothes

Sports in the mountains In the mountains between snow and silence ... perhaps sleeping in a high altitude refuge and skiing at dawn, or in a Resort with many comforts and the possibility of snowshoeing and excursions in the snow ... what could be more romantic? Ideal for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers, the choices are many! Key Items: furs, down jackets and colored hats and ankle boots with rubber sole suitable for wintertime!

couple on the mountains

RELAX with Spas and Massages For those who want to move but at the same time not get too tired, the spa is the ideal place to spend a weekend of understanding… you can book a couple's massage and eat a gourmet dinner. Key Items: your most beautiful swimwear and a pair of summer slippers


What do you think of our proposals? Have you already planned something, or will you invent something last? We await your comments and leave our recommended products below!

Kisses and happy Valentine's Day!

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