Online our collections!

Our shoes collection are now available online, our two souls: Amalfi by Rangoni e Valentina Rangoni.

Amalfi by Rangoni is an hystoric brand, belonged to the early generation, famous in the USA since 1950: womens shoes comfortable, elegants and timeless with a perfect fitting.

Valentina Rangoni is the result of the third generation: a young, feminine and cosmopolitan brand with the same quality of handmade shoes.The quality of shoes allows you to use it in different climatic conditions, as well as when engaged in various activities.

Shoes made by women for women, finally online!

This is our vision: the idea of dress up the women's feet, since they feel independent, strong but also sensual and trendy.

Me and my sister are feminine and resourceful with great conviction: women should pleasure themselves! For this reason we have decide to continue creating handmade shoes: comfortable, pretty and womanly.

This e-shop is an opportunity for us to take our message and products to all womens, to raise awareness of our Atelier Rangoni Firenze.