If our shoes were a holiday destination… postcards from around the world

If our shoes were a holiday destination… postcards from around the world Here we are, raise your hand how many of you are finally leaving for a few weeks of freedom… perhaps many of you have just returned, and you still have the images and pleasant emotions you just experienced in your eyes… Thinking about the holidays, we squeezed our creativity and thought of 5 of the most beautiful destinations for this summer 2023, even going overseas!Indeed, we have thought of the 5 of our summer shoe models in this collection and have combined them with more or less exotic destinations, all with looks and outfits in combination with the destination and the style of the footwear. We hope you enjoy the journey with us Rangoni Sisters among the various women's summer shoes!


The vibe behind this postcard is linked to the jungle, the tropical climate, the Latin rhythms that characterize the Yucatan peninsula where the ancient archaeological city of Tulum is located. Our Mangrove sandals, in this vibrant bright green color and with this bow that recalls the tropical headdresses of South American women, inspired us for a feminine and colorful look, a bit jungle, embellished with a colored scarf to wrap around the head…


When we think of the sweet life, of the most beautiful and glamorous Italy, we think of a very small island that represents the gem of the Mediterranean: Capri. An island to which we Sisters are very attached and which for us is an evocation of timeless elegance, class and great style. In this postcard we have decided to offer elegant, fun and precious shoes at the same time, our Stellaris jewel pumps. Embellished with a made in Italy accessory of crystals that recreate a starfish, combined with an elegant and colorful linen dress, they will immediately take you to that glamorous and timeless world of Capri!


new york - miglio

And from the dreamy calm of Capri it's time to move on to the most gritty postcard of this trip together: NEW YORK! Another city we are very close to, our designer Valentina's favorite, the Big Apple is a concrete jungle where you feel tiny and alone and at the same time part of a dream, a community of dreamers! For this destination we have chosen a strong and bold women's shoe, our Miglio platform sandals. Strong, daring shoes that take you "higher" right where the skyscrapers of New York are! We paired platform sandals with an urban look or a sparkly dress.


The fourth postcard of these holidays is one of the chicest destinations in the Mediterranean, where a mix of bohemian and luxurious attitude reigns supreme: Saint Tropez. An apparently simple place, a fishing village, which is transformed into a very glamorous and international destination where the world's jet set comes to celebrate. The Tropezienne look is a refined yet effortless look, a chic one that's a little wild. We decided to combine this postcard with an apparently simple sandal but full of details, such as shiny suede leather in shades of gold and sand: the Bardana low-heeled women's sandal. To be combined with a long bohemian dress or with navy blue and white striped trousers!


Let's end this journey together around the world in the most iconic summer destination of all: Santorini. An island, a submerged crater, an enchanted place of endless sunsets, Santorini seems almost unreal in its breathtaking beauty. The optical white of the houses, the intense blue of the sea and the roofs of the churches characterize them. We paired this magical place with our most creative women's sandals in the collection: the Cinnamon lace-up platform sandals. They were actually inspired by Greece, in blue suede like the sea... we combined them with a dreamy outfit like the island of Santorini: the famous flying dress, the very long dress made to fly with the wind of this unforgettable island.

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