Our work is always exciting, we meet many people and we often help them feel their best on their most important days, thanks to our elegant, original and very comfortable shoes! Since the wedding season has begun, it seemed like the right time to write this article and tell you about our experience in the world of bridal. We'll talk about the essential things to keep in mind when looking for shoes for your big day.

We remind you that in Atelier Rangoni it is possible by appointment to have a private session for the creation of Personalized Wedding Shoes, that is, starting from an existing model, we create the shoe in the size, material and color that the bride desires. The timing varies between 1-3 months depending on the request, but it is always good to move in time! Serving a bride is a very elaborate task because there are so many emotions and insecurities at stake, and above all because the bride often has confused ideas.

For us Rangoni Sisters there are 4 ESSENTIAL THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND, and here we will explain them to you!





1. LOCATION AND CLIMATE This is the number one question that every bride must answer: there is a big difference between getting married in August by the sea or in December in a cabin! Exaggerations aside, it is really important to realize the type of location: will there be grass, sand? Is it possible that it is damp? This helps in choosing:

- Type of heel (a stiletto heel is not recommended in tall grass)

- Type of material (leather is better if the wedding is in the cold season, instead opt for suede and fabric if it is drier)

2. HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO PARTY It is very important that the bride answers this question in total serenity, because this is the question on which the success of the day will rest. If you have chosen 12 heel shoes and want to dance until late at night, it will be very difficult for this to happen. The choice between comfort and look of the shoes must be proportionate to the type of wedding but above all to the bride's ability to move casually on "complicated" shoes. The most important thing, however, is that the bride feels comfortable in her shoes on her most important day; so feel comfortable wearing shoes with a lower heel if this will give you the serenity and security to have fun and enjoy your wedding without worries! Another tip is to plan for the use of two different models, always coordinated with each other, to be worn during the ceremony and then for the party.

3. SHAPE AND FABRIC OF THE DRESS Shoes are the most important accessory of your wedding, but they must naturally be in total harmony with the chosen dress. This is why it is important to already have the chosen dress when ordering the shoes, and above all to have a sample of the chosen fabric with you to make the correct matches between color and leather. Even better would be to ask the seamstress to get you the fabric of the dress so you can make completely matching shoes!

4. THE TIMING Another big mistake that we often see brides making when they come to the Atelier is not moving in time. Like the dress, the creation of the shoes also requires time and, if possible, even an intermediate fitting! Furthermore, the height of the heel is essential for the creation of the hem of the dress; The sooner the shoe model is chosen the sooner the seamstress will be able to finish the dress.

If the deadlines are tight, you will have to make do with the models that are already present in the store. We have a nice choice of shoes in the Atelier, you can admire them at the bottom of the article!

Our wedding shoes for Eleonora

The last part of the blog is dedicated to a special friend of ours, Eleonora, with whom we grew up. Valentina designed and created a beautiful, personalized model for her wedding for which we considered the topics covered in the blog: Location, dress, timing and mood of the bride!

Eleonora wanted shoes that would allow her to feel comfortable all day and for this reason she selected a comfortable model with a medium-wide heel, for a beautiful and impactful effect but also super wearable!

She enjoyed the whole day in complete freedom thanks also to our memory foam cushion.

The wedding was organized in July, in the family's splendid country villa, so we knew that the weather would be excellent (luckily it went exactly like that!). We were therefore able to choose to make the shoes with the fabric of the dress, a fabric very suitable for being "mounted" on shoes, for an impeccable effect. Being dear friends, we were able to move well in advance in the creation of Eleonora's shoes.

This allowed us to do several tests and to be able to bring a "sample" to the wedding dress fittings, so we always had in mind the final result and the length of the hem to keep!

A beautiful story that made us very happy... 

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