We recently talked about brides and wedding shoes, now let's move on to an equally important topic but which concerns many more than us: formal shoes! Last year on our blog we made a mini-selection of types of shoes suitable for ceremonies!

This year we talk about our personal experiences. Choosing the most suitable shoes is not easy, but it must always allow you to enjoy your event to the fullest, be it a wedding, a baptism, by the sea or in the countryside...

And it also depends on the type of dress you are wearing! Personally we prefer to have medium height shoes to feel safer, also because you are never sure how the event, the location and the climate will go... In any case, let's explore together the options we have tried in the past!

- Semi-closed slingback shoe

The slingback on a medium or medium high heel is the most transversal choice. It adapts well to mid-season periods, looks good on many different clothes and gives good support to the foot. Carolina wore our Fede slingbacks for a wedding that lasted 10 hours!! But thanks to our cushion and the thick and not very high heel (7 cm) she enjoyed every moment. Valentina wore a semi-closed shoe, Leone, for an event, higher but with a square heel which gave her stability throughout the event! Our mother Elisabetta also wore a pair of slingbacks with square heels for more stability.

-High heeled Shoes

We know, it's the most exciting option, the one that each of us would choose to create the most feminine look of all! Honestly, we don't think they are always the best option, but with the right look and the right event, a 10cm or more heel can be the best solution! We have the mum in a beautiful glitter high heel, Sublime, which really elevates any look. Valentina also wore the same model in different colors for a wedding.

- Sandals

The sandal is the perfect option for all formal events that take place in the summer, allowing the foot to breathe. Carolina has opted for several summer weddings of sandal models with square heels, so as to have more stability and above all not to sink into the grass. Be careful not to choose models that are too "casual" to avoid the "beach" effect. Our latest ceremonial sandal, the Leonessa sandal, is beautiful, in shiny satin with a beautiful bow on the back for a spectacular effect. And what's more, incredible comfort!

- Flat shoes

Let's say that for us Rangoni Sisters, flat shoes are a bit of a "last resort"... It's a shame not to show off a taller model that flatters the figure and the chosen dress in these special moments! However, the flat choice, if done tastefully, can be a very valid alternative. Furthermore, there are occasions when it becomes a necessity such as in the case of walking problems, very uncomfortable locations... the flat could also become the "backup" shoe to wear in the last hours of the event when the party goes crazy! Beautiful combined with either a romantic dress (we see in the photo below one of our clients with our Zeno ballerinas), or with a jacket and trousers suit (in the photo one of our friends Elisabetta with a bright fuchsia suit and canary yellow slippers to tone down the look) . In any case, if you opt for a low shoe, the important thing is to choose something sophisticated and precious, which still stands out! A particular leather, a metal accessory... choose something that embellishes them (and we beg you on your knees, NO FRIULANE at ceremonies!!!).

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