IT'S TIME TO SHINE! PARTY LOOKS After two long years away from the glitter and shine of various corporate parties, family parties and so on and so forth, the time to jump back into the fray has come: the glittering Christmas parties are back! The most important question remains: how do I dress? All glitter? A little red dress? Little black dress to make no mistake? We Rangoni Sisters approve of all the clothes that best suit your personality (not your physique nor your age, those are old preconceptions that really don't interest us!), and in this short article we will try to give you some advice starting from the most bottom of your look: shoes!

First option: Sparkling Pumps

They are absolutely the trendiest shoe of this party season: go for sky-high heels, rich and shimmering textures, accessories that will make you shine from afar. Valentina has designed a few but very stylish models to spend the holidays nights, but without giving up the comfort that sets our shoes apart. How to match them: Sparkling shoes can be styled in two ways. To accentuate them, wear a one-color outfit that is total black or a complementary color to the shoes. Otherwise, you can shine from head to toe with a sparkling outfit, which matches the colors of the shoes or accessories! Here we leave you the combinations made during our last Valentina Rangoni fashion show and our shooting!

Second option: High boots

They are the must-have of the season, knee-length and above it, covering almost the entire leg. Of course, you will think, for a model like this you need to have a breathtaking physique, but that's not necessarily true: our over the knee boots are in soft satin or stretch leather and really make a good impression, especially in the black version which certainly gives a slimming visual effect. The boots in the richest versions of leather, glittery fabrics and sparkling details are very versatile, suitable for these days' colder temperatures and wearable from morning to night in case you can't or want to change for the evening! How to combine them: also suitable with a pair of skinny jeans for an easier look, they also go very well with a more elegant pair of shorts or a short dress (legs always in sight).

Third Option: Plateau, for those who want to have more fun!

They are absolutely the most unexpected return of this 2022: reintroduced by big names like Valentino, they are models suitable for the most daring girls in the extreme versions, much more portable and graceful in the max 12 cm versions, like ours! You will feel very high, a little carefree and sexy without giving up the memory foam cushion that distinguishes us. How to match them: Platforms are certainly the craziest and funniest model of these holidays parties, so green light for sparkling dresses, flared trousers with 70s vibes, here the imagination is king!

Option four: Ankle boots, easy and versatile

And in case you're undecided about what to do, you don't know if you'll be home before the xmas dinner, you don't have the certainty of the dress code (will they all be in sneakers or all in gala dresses?) in short, in the face of uncertainty, it's better to stay in the comfort zone of the beloved ankle boots. High, low, pointed or round, in any sauce they can embellish your look and give you the right tone. This year we have proposed them full of loads and fun, decorated with stars set with swaroski crystals. How to match them: They are an absolute winter passe par tout. They look great with narrow straight trousers, but also with midi or miniskirts. In the fashion show we also combined them with a mini dress in the colors of the same suede. For an evening party very beautiful combined with shiny trousers with glitters.

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