Dressing well in spring? In a season like this, in which sudden changes in temperature and whims of the weather are always the masters, it is easier said than done, but it is also true that with a little care it is possible to be flawless and show off noteworthy looks. from sunrise to sunset. Let's try to shed some light on the subject by creating some beautiful and functional combinations with our beautiful shoes to better face this spring! The Rangoni Sisters are here to give some help and ideas to avoid the "onion" effect or dressed at random . The precious advice from parents and grandparents comes in handy: dress in layers. It is an infallible trick that today acquires greater awareness because it is fashion that suggests it.

1) Dress or midi skirt plus knee-high boots.

A skirt or a dress below the knee combined with boots from the winter wardrobe will make you feel the coldest side of spring, when the days are still cold and the temperature changes are noticeable. The slightly 70s mix of a midi print dress and knee-length suede styled dresses like our Kurt is perfect, otherwise a knit dress together with crocodile effect leather boots like our Nara and in stretch leather like the Leonidas (at the bottom of the article you will find the list of suggested products)

2) Jeans and leather jacket with high-sole moccasins The leather jacket is a super versatile garment on any occasion during the transitional seasons: from the morning, on a pair of jeans to go to the office and in your free time, until the evening, on a dress or the most elegant palazzo trousers. To be combined with more or less gritty moccasins, then with rubber or leather sole according to your style such as our Rina or Elda in blue leather and pink patent leather.

3) Tailored blazer and moccasin the model to invest in this season.

The reason? It doesn't look out of place, doesn't get bored and goes easily with the mountain of total black garments we have in the closet. On the feet, instead of the décolleté or the square-heeled ankle boots that we wore all winter, trends elect moccasins as a new must-have: in leather, with a sturdy sole and a masculine cut. Blazers and moccasins bring a breath of fresh air to the office look, our Genova in a black or candy pink version is beautiful.

4) Trench coat with tracksuit and sneakers.

The spring garment par excellence! With a skirt, with trousers, with jeans ... And then, in the morning, in the evening, elegant, casual ... In short, the trench coat is a real must have, especially precious in this period! Combinable in many ways, it is the key piece on which to build your spring and transition looks. Here we propose it in a sporty key with a colored suit and refined sneakers thanks to the precious leathers, like our Maracana.

5) Colored suit and pumps

From the classic blue blazer to the suit jacket, passing through the very stylish version in white… it is a very trendy combination especially in its single-color variants with bright tones, such as bright pink, green and yellow! In this case we would combine them with a nice pair of tone-on-tone or nude colored décolleté, like our Adelina for a comfortable low-heeled look or the Idolo pumps.

6) Jeans, blazer or trench coat and light leather ankle boots Even jeans are a timeless must-have, but they come in particularly handy when we are undecided between skirt and trousers. And above all between wool and cotton: denim is denim! Combined with a nice colored trench coat or classic beige, the look is then defined by the use of our beloved ankle boots. Last opportunities to take advantage of the most versatile winter shoes, we could perhaps opt for light or colored leather ankle boots for a lighter look. For example with our Fiera in cream-colored nappa leather.

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