Women's ankle boot: combinations for autumn-winter

Women's ankle boot: combinations for autumn-winter

The ankle boot has certainly become the most important and versatile accessory in every woman's autumn wardrobe in recent years: versatile, gritty and suitable for covering multiple "roles" during the day. We Rangoni Sisters love it, and we use it a lot, especially during the first cold days (and then move on to the boot up to the knee!) Let's talk about the new models in trend during the season and the most beautiful combinations to do in every situation.

Wide Heel Ankle Boots

Definitely a must of the last two years, wide heel ankle boots give a gritty, strong and original look. They recall the fashion of the 70s and 90s, with a strong androgenic component that lead to the creation of very strong but at the same time feminine looks. The wide heel boots are suitable for different types of outfits, we find them really fantastic with:

A pair of flared jeans in a 70s mood for a truly original look. Below our Katy ankle boots with Shaft Jeans Flared Jeans, a really interesting Florentine reality!

Flared Shaft Jeans with Katy booties

Skinny pants to create a very youthful and strong outfit.

A feminine knee-length dress to create contrast and balance the look

Military style ankle boots

Combat boots, or military-style boots, are the hottest accessory during this winter season, and are here to stay for a long time. Made famous by iconic models such as the Dr Marteens, they have taken on new life thanks to various reinterpretations of the great Maison such as Bottega Veneta, making this type of women's shoe a true must of the season (and it will be next year too!).Perfect for creating super gritty and comfortable looks at the same time, suitable for bad weather and rainy days. Perfect when worn:

With gritty garments and a little rock or with a very urban style

In the opposite version to create a strong contrast with romantic and more feminine dresses

Booties above the ankle

Among the trends of the season in women's footwear, the new ankle boots are the most elegant: tapered, often adherent even in stretch fabrics, these ankle boots wrap the foot and leg to give a modern and sophisticated effect to every look. In our atelier we propose them with Valentina Rangoni in a super particular version, with a thin and squared heel, squared toe and tight leather up to mid-calf. These women's ankle boots could be worn:

with flared jeans for a casual and super-refined look at the same time

with a long skirt below the knee for a more bon ton effect

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